We offer a range of services covering all your shop drawing requirements.


As a proud member of the Australian Institute of Steel Detailers (AISD), we follow a set of guidelines for deliverable categories.



Preliminary material take-off list


This type of list gives the fabricator an overview of material requirements, and is normally accurate to within 10% of the final list.

This is normally derived off the 3D model once it reaches a basic level of detail.


3D Model for information or review 


The 3D model is very important to us as the detailer as it is used to directly generate the shop drawings.

It can also be useful to the fabricator, builder, architect and others to get a visual representation of the steelwork.

The model can be supplied in any one of a number of file formats, and viewing is as simple as downloading a free viewer.


Hold-down bolt Plan


This plan can be useful early on in projects where concrete must be poured and there are rebates or bolt cages that must be positioned.

This is often one of the first drawings that is supplied. For a typical house, this is 3-4 days after commencement of modelling.


Marking Plans and Grid Elevations


These are standard assembly views for use on site, and show the erector where each member goes, its orientation, and other information such as height RL's.


Shop drawings


These are the drawings that are used in the workshop to fabricate each member. All our drawings are readable at A3 size, other sizes can be requested by the client.

Normally, we supply the drawings in PDF format. Hard copy drawing sets can also be supplied on request.


Fitting sheets and DXF's (plates, cleats, etc.)


All cleats, base plates, etc. are drawn on separate sheets and also supplied as DXF files for profile cutting where requested. The requirements vary from one fabricator to the next, so this deliverable is often tailored to suit the specific requirements.


Final material and bolt lists


These normally accompany the 'issued for construction' 2D drawing set, and can be used for purchasing and cutting purposes.


Final 3D Model


This model reflects the 2D drawing set at the 'issued for construction' stage.

Depending on the project, the final 3D model can be supplied prior to commencement of 2D drawings, for formal review and sign-off.



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